1963 Fairlane

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1963 Fairlane

1963 Fairlane

Howard King, Lexington, NC

In 1963, I bought a new red Fairlane. I met my wife, dated, went on our honeymoon and brought our daughter home from the hospital in it. In 1968, I traded it off for a ’68 Torino, but I always wanted another 1963 Fairlane. About 14 years ago I found this one. It was in very bad shape. $30,000 later and a lot of hard work, I think it turned out pretty good. It has a strong 302 engine and a C4 transmission. I narrowed the 8″ rear end so I could fit larger wheels and wider tires. It has classic gauges, a Flaming River steering wheel and tilt column, and a Lokar shifter with a custom console. Front seats came out of a Mitsubishi Galant. Wheels are Cragar 390s. The color is 2007 Mustang Red. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!


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  1. Mustang6984 says:

    Sweet lookin’ ride! Enjoy!!!

  2. Charles Cleveland says:

    Howard, I have a 1963 Sports Coupe with a 260 v8. I’ve added mag wheels and I have trouble with the rears scrubbing. How did you modify the rear end and by how much?

  3. My first car was a ’63 Fairlane Sports Coupe. Ran the wheels off that thing, even did a little drag racing and managed to blow the rear (getting repaired here)

  4. ruben ruiz says:

    I have one identical ,that I have been trying to fix like forever, but now that I saw yours it makes me want ot go ahead and start working on it again,, even though I had promised to give it to my grandson,which I will once I get it done,,

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