1966 Country Squire

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1966 Country Squire

Duane Clefstad     Stittsville, ON, Canada

1966 Country Squire

I purchased the car as a retirement project for $3500. It was missing all the woodgrain, and the moldings were broken and faded with half of the chrome buttons missing. Interior was not bad, but the seats were split and the vinyl was brittle. The car was originally sold from Parkside Ford in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on July 21, 1966.

It has the 390 two barrel, 9.5:1 compression, and is rated at 275 hp and 405 lbs. of torque all backed up by a C6 transmission. No air. New seats and carpet, Keystone Classic Mags, Firestone Firehawk tires. New brakes and brake cylinders, shocks. AM radio.

It is the nine passenger model and was built in the Oakville, Ontario, plant in April, 1966. I have lots of work into the car and have brought it back to life. We use it basically for weekend rides and it gets the looks. We’ve even had a few thumbs up!

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  1. I think I just went to see this car today in Quebec as it’s for sale.
    It’s sitting belly down in a field with a partially installed airbag suspension system.
    Any components in the interior that could easily be pulled apart is and they’re scattered at different locations.
    There appears to be a set of new disc brakes installed and the car is currently sitting on temporary spare wheels borrowed from a garage.
    The owner is asking Can$7,500.

  2. Peter Helbling says:

    Jerry, you believe, that this 1966 Country Scuire would be for sale ??
    thank you for further informations ! i’m interested !
    Peter Helbling (Switzerland)

  3. Hello, time has passed, it’s me who left it belly down in a field.
    Bad news – never sold, good news – it’s back in the shop getting it’s life back.
    Now I have time and money to get it done.

  4. Good to hear Pete. I’d love to find an unmodded ’66 Country Squire.

  5. Per Olsson says:

    Good to hear Pete, I started by baying my baby back ! 1967 Country Squire.
    First owner was US Embassy in Stockholm Sweden

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