HEI Distributor Tip

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HEI Distributor Tip

When doing an HEI distributor conversion…Label or mark the location of your spark plug wires on the distributor cap for fast, easy reference.

HEI wiring tip

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  1. J.Mullins says:

    Still haven’t heard back about how to install wind lace on a 1962 Mercury Comet Custom! I put my wind lace on first. If it’s after headliner install HOW Do YOU Get it UNDER the CLEAT!!!

  2. You install the windlace first then the head liner folded over you install tool. Make sure the windlace is exactly where you want it because you won’t be able to do anything with it after the headliner is installed.. The headliner has to be installed without the front and rear glass in the car. Go to Lowes/Menards and buy about thirty of their smallest pinch clamps (like a clothes pin) use contact cement, and use the clamps to hold the headliner in place at the pinch welds at front and rear, one at a time. I think I started with the sides then the ends after. I hope this will help someone.

  3. Randy Collins says:

    I have a 1966 F100 Base model. I like the dash for the 1966 Custom Cab, will this dash fit into my base model without a lot of problems. Speedometer and other gauges.

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