Those Wild Paint Colors!

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Those Wild Paint Colors!

Remember those awesome names Ford gave some of their paint colors back in ’69 and ’70? In addition to the “Grabber” colors, the marketing folks also decided to take advantage of the culture and trends of that era. We’re glad they did, because it gave us some standout print ads and commercials.

In 1969, there was Thanks Vermillion, Freudian Gilt, Anti-Establish Mint, Dresden Blue and Hulla Blue.

In 1970, we had Bring ’Em Back Olive, Last Stand Custard, Freudian Gilt, Three Putt Green, There She Blue, Good Clean Fawn, Counter Revolutionary Red, Home on the Orange, Hulla Blue, and Anti-Establish Mint.

Grabber colors offered for 1970: Grabber Blue, Grabber Orange, Grabber Green.

In 1971, the party was dying down. The only “fun” color offered was Anti-Establish Mint.

Grabber colors offered for 1971: Grabber Yellow, Grabber Lime, Grabber Blue.

By 1972, Ford still offered a vast selection of colors, but the party names had all vanished. Grabber Blue was the sole survivor of the “Grabber era”, and was axed after the 1974 model year.

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  1. Where can I find paint for a 55 Ford

    • Hello Ron. Your car should originally have had a data plate like the one pictured. On it you will find the original paint color code. We offer original colors for early Fords, but not your ’55. Many local auto body supply stores have formulas for mixing original colors however. They also often will have color chip cards like the ones above if you want to change your color, but use one originally offered.
      If you are comfortable with a standard color, take a look at one of the great POR-15 products we offer:
      We offer this paint in gallon, quart, pint, and aerosol sizes, as well as the other supplies you will need.

  2. Donald Ward says:

    I am refinishing my 1972 Mustang Convertible. I am going to paint it Bright Blue Metallic with Argent accents in Mach 1 style. I am attaching Danny Whitfield’s rendition of the finished car. As far as I know the silver on the hood, front, lower side panels, rear, and both spoilers are painted where the stripe on the side is a decal. Is this correct? Where can I get a paint code for the Argent silver color? This silver is a low gloss color right?

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