Yellow Rose Classic

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Yellow Rose Classic

A car show, indoors, in Texas, in the summer, is a good thing!

Text and photography by Colin Date

The Annual “Yellow Rose Classic” Ford show is presented at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, TX. This year’s event is going to be held on July 9 & 10, 2016.

Back in the late 2000s, we attended this show. It was then held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX. These photos are from that show.

The two-day event is held indoors (thankfully). With 105 degree temps blistering the asphalt outside, the ice cold A/C inside really helps bring the crowds in. That’s not to take anything away from the spectacular Fords and Mercs on display; they do a pretty good job of pulling in the spectators all by themselves!

This show is not massive (in the way that Carlisle is), but there has to be at least 150 or so cars that are all drop dead gorgeous. You won’t find any “under construction” or swap meet style vehicles here. The Yellow Rose Classic offers nothing but the finest FoMoCo iron from the Lone Star State. All in a huge, well-lit, air conditioned venue. What could be better?

Every seen one of these? A ’71 Mustang Boss 351, in Grabber Lime! Yes, that’s a real FoMoCo color (in ’71). Spectacular vehicle.

The Yellow Rose show featured a wide variety of cars (and years). This 1940 Ford was a beaut. Can you say “moonshine express”?

Maybe it was the neon “Cobra” sign that helped, but this 427 car sure drew a lot of attention.

This ’66 Fairlane wagon, the “Coughin’ Coffin”, is a tribute to the 1944 WWII Marauder bomber and her crew. Read more about the Coughin’ Coffin here:

Jerry and Sue Lester of Houston, TX, brought their pristine ’72 Gran Torino in for the show. Jerry is the original owner.

The North Texas Lincoln and Continental Owners Club had some beautiful cars on display. Check out this mile-long ’57 Premier Convertible…

A nice collection of Mavericks was on hand. Good to see these cars well cared for!

One of the stars of the show: an immaculate ’59 Galaxie Skyliner.

Tigers- the “poor man’s Cobra”. There were more than a few of these little wildcats at the show. Lightweight, packin’ 289 power!

Check out the website for this year’s show info:

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